Meticulous care for details and materials go hand in hand with engineering capacity and the ability to use the latest manufacturing technology.


Quality made accessible.
vergeur is a company which uses its winning formula of experience and know-how to create superior quality bathroom furniture. In addition to being the group’s mission and working method, this ongoing search for quality also guides the production of all vergeur furnishings and accessories.
Creating bathroom furniture means working with a wide range of rather disparate materials – from natural to lacquered wood and from marble to engineered materials – all the while selecting the best suppliers and using only the highest quality components.
vergeur warrants its products for reliability, safety, and durability. It creates products which unite high aesthetic quality and functionality, yet at a reasonable price point, accessible to everyone.

Quality as a system.
Quality production and customer service are fundamental goals of the company’s production process. Attained through years of research and hard work in the bathroom furniture sector and it represents the ongoing commitment which began back when the company was founded and is currently unfolding on an international scale.
Quality control is not limited to the production process; it also concerns the moment of sale, and involves attentively attending to the customer’s needs with precision and professionalism as well as through well-organised logistics.